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The Traditional Martial Art of Thailand, AKA "The Science of Eight Limbs"

Learn to use punches, elbows, knees and kicks to overwhelm your opponent with beautiful violence. Classes include fundamentals, pad work, conditioning, sparring & clinch work

Beginners will learn the rituals and traditions of Thai Boxing and intermediate/advance practitioners can prepare for local and national tournaments through the Thai Boxing Association.

All levels welcome to all classes!


 First timers are recommended to start in a Fundamentals Class.


Required Gear >

**Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Mouth Piece 

H.I.I.T & T.R.X

Required Gear >

***Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Mouth Piece 

No Gear Required. ALL experience levels welcome! 

A towel and bottle of water is recommended. 


FIGHT THE FAT! Functional Fitness is FUN, SAFE & KILLS FAT!

MURDER your workout with our Metabolic Conditioning based sessions. 

Incorporates Functional Fitness Equipment such as: T.R.X. Straps, Pull up Bar, Kettle Bells, Dumbbells, Medicine Balls, Jump Rope, Etc. 

Go to war with some battle ropes while Jamming to awesome music! 

Our Certified Trainers will guide you through every workout every time!

Required Gear >

**Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards (optional)

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Self Defense Training
FL Concealed Weapon Permits
Instructor Certification 


World Class Online Muay Thai Training

Boxing Gloves

Mondays - Saturdays (30 min Kickboxing or Bags)

Cardio Kickboxing is perfect for any beginner or elite athlete.

30 Minute Sessions are fast paced for a super quick, efficient and Killer Cardio Workout!

Build Stamina, Develop Strength & Flexibility as a side effect of having a great time.

Integrates Martial Arts Techniques & Functional Fitness for a proven full body workout every time!

Required Gear **Hand Wraps & Boxing Gloves


Required Gear >

***Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Mouth Piece 

We offer a Muay Thai Kickboxing program for the following ages:

Muay Tiny - 3-7 YO

Kids Kickboxing - 8-12 YO

Teens Thai Boxing - 13+ YO 

Please see our schedule for weekly class times.


Ages 8+ monthly membership - $125/month

Muay Tiny membership - $79/month

*First and Last month required at time of sign up


Required Gear >

***Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Mouth Piece 

Looking to tailor a workout for your specific needs?!


Personal Training is for you! A Coach will develop a specific workout plan to get you to your goals! Personal training is ideal for those working with limited abilities, injuries, specific weight loss goals, specific technical drills or those who prefer a one on one session to a group class. 

Fitness Private Training: $55+ 

Muay Thai Private Training: $65+ 

Firearms/Self Defense Private Training: $75+ 

5 Pack = 5% off                         10 Pack = 10% off

Sessions are scheduled based on the individual and coaches availability. Sessions cancelled within 12 hours of booked time will forfeit the credit.


Please contact us to get a quote for your needs!