Class Time: 60 Minutes              Skill Level:  Any              Class Type:   Thai Boxing & Martial Arts 

Gear Required:

***Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Mouth Piece 

MUAY THAI IS THE FOUNDATION of the Black Lotus Training Method

MUAY THAI IS KHARMA.  Our students come from all backgrounds. First timers and pro fighters, rich, poor, special needs and mountains of muscle. We pride ourselves in developing our students into practitioners of an art form and a lifestyle. Those same students usually develop into friends and family. 

MUAY THAI IS POWER. Any sports fighting,  Self Defense, or fitness regiment is greatly enhanced and complimented by Thai Boxing. Attack like an unstoppable force and protect like an immovable object.  A great base for students who want to compete. 

MUAY THAI IS PEACE. Thai boxing is all about mental fitness. Confidence and Charater Building is part of any sport, but Muay Thai Hardens the body, sharpens the mind and molds a strong spirit  like nothing else. 

MUAY THAI IS BALANCE. Great for Any Age and Experience Level. Develop discipline and self control through a traditional martial art and a structured curriculum.

MUAY THAI IS BEAUTY. ​Functional, practical and one of the pillars of modern MMA. Thai Boxing is a sport, a culture, an art form and a science. 

MUAY THAI IS LIFE.  We are first, last and always students of Thai Boxing. That means we are always fighting to improve. Struggling against negativity. Fighting to evolve and master ourselves.  When you see us inside and outside of the gym, we are training to Better ourselves as individuals, as a team, as a business and as a family. The fight is never ending but like you, we will NEVER back down.   Join us on our journey. 



Class Time: 30 & 45 Minutes               Skill Level: Any              Class Type:  Cardio/Strength Training - Full Body

No Gear Required. A towel and bottle of water is recommended. 


FIGHT THE FAT! Functional Fitness is FUN, SAFE & KILLS FAT!

MURDER your workout with our Metabolic Conditioning based sessions. 

Incorporates Functional Fitness Equipment such as: Pull up Bar, Kettle Bells, Medicine Balls, Jump Rope, Etc. 

Go to war with some battle ropes while Jamming to awesome music! 

Our Certified Trainers will guide you through every workout every time.

30 Minute Classes are structured for Metabolic Conditioning - 45 Minute Classes will embrace a Strength Training / Toning System 



Class Time : 30 & 60 Minute Classes            Skill Level: Any                 Class Type:  Cardio Conditioning


Gear Required: Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves & A Postive Attitude

Cardio Kickboxing is perfect for any beginner or elite athlete.

30 Minute Sessions are fast pace for a super quick, efficient and Killer Cardio Workout!

60 Minute Sessions will lead you through a combination break down with low intensity breaks in between. 60 Minute Sessions will help one get a more practical understanding of how combinations work and may incorporate partner drills. Work on your speed and Power while having a great time with other students! 

Always FUN & Always Safe for all ages (15+)

Practice Combinations and improve your Coordination with coach led mitt drills.

Build Stamina, Develop Strength & Flexibility as a side effect of having a great time.

Integrates Martial Arts Techniques & Functional Fitness for a proven full body workout every time!

Jam to awesome music each class. Build a knockout body while kicking it to today's hit's.  *Ask about our BlackOut Class with a live DJ!



Class Time: 45 Minutes                  Ages: 5-15 years old                     Class Type:  Kids Classes

Gear Required:

Level 1 Classes "Kids Kickboxing" - Hand Wraps & Boxing Gloves      

Level 2 Classes "Youth Muay Thai"- Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Mouth Piece

A hybrid curriculum of Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Self Defense

Promotes CourtesyRespect, Discipline, Self Control and lots & lots of Hard work. 

​A healthy , FUN, Safe & Constructive Activity for your child. 

Students are promoted from Beginner Level 1 to Muay Thai Level 2 classes based on technical development, proficiency & overall improvement.  

Incorporates our ProAct Bully Defense Program. ProAct is based on a simple formula; Strong minds are confident and secure. Fit Bodies are healthy and strong.

The sharp mind will help the student make wise decisions while the body will give them the tools to defend themselves.  Through character development we Empower children. ​


T.R.X (Total Body Resistance Exercise)

Class Time: 30 & 45 Minutes                Skill Level: Any             Class Type:  Total Body Workout

Build Strength, Improve your Core Stability, Flexibility, Balance and Endurance & Drop some Serious lbs! 

What is TRX? Designed by US Navy Seals, TRX workouts leverage body weight and gravity to challenge every part of your body, especially the core, to work harder than it ever has before! For each of the exercises, a part of the body is suspended above the ground while using a strap to maintain balance. This provides total body strength training which is perfect for both new and experienced athletes.

Great for ALL LEVELS - This uses straps and Body Weight! 

TRX puts you in control of the resistance and the extent to which you want to challenge yourself. You can simply change your body position to increase or reduce the intensity of the challenge.

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