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Class Time : 30 & 60 Minute Classes            Skill Level: Any                 Class Type:  Cardio Conditioning

Required: Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves & A Postive Attitude

  • Cardio Kickboxing is perfect for any beginner or elite athlete.

  • 30 Minute Sessions are fast pace for a super quick, efficient and Killer Cardio Workout!

  • 60 Minute Sessions will lead you through a combination break down with low intensity breaks in between. 60 Minute Sessions will help one get a more practical understanding of how combinations work and may incorporate partner drills. Work on your speed and Power while having a great time with other students! 

  • Always FUN & Always Safe for all ages (15+)

  • Practice Combinations and improve your Coordination with coach led mitt drills.

  • Build Stamina, Develop Strength & Flexibility as a side effect of having a great time.

  • Integrates Martial Arts Techniques & Functional Fitness for a proven full body workout every time!

  • Jam to awesome music each class. Build a knockout body while kicking it to today's hit's.  *Ask about our BlackOut Class with a live DJ!

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