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Beginners Martial Arts Class

Sport Karate & Taekwondo Club

Black Lotus

Tiny Tigers

Register your Child today for a 2 week trial - Gi Uniform Included! $39.99

  • Ages 4 - 6!

  • FUN & SAFE!  

  • Fosters confidence, respect, and focus.  Our curriculum teaches skills and values that will build your child’s awareness, listening skills, team work,  and self-esteem. Your child will develop self-defense and positive life skills that will last a lifetime. 

  • Teaches Traditional courtesies along with a fitness integrated curriculum.

  • Benefits - More active listening, manners and respect, improved interactions with other children, enhanced balance and motor skills, and appropriate ways of interacting with others like, “how not to hit,” and “stranger danger” awareness.

  • We encourage teamwork but focus on the individual: each child progresses at his or her own pace.

  • We learn good sportsmanship and how to compete with ourselves. 

  • Each instructor is a certified black belt who is professionally trained as a teacher, coach and mentor to help every child achieve his or her very best.

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