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Frequently Asked Questions 

How much is the retreat?

Pricing ranges from as low as $2,299 - $2,599 based on the type of accommodations you choose. 

You should also have a sufficient amount of spending money for any additional excursions, souvenirs, activities, etc. that you would like to do on your free day.

(See below for what is included)

Do you offer discounts?

Yes, we do offer discounts for: Black Lotus Gym students, LMT (Living Muay Thai) Students, Military Discounts and Instructor Discounts. These discounts are only applied to regular priced tickets and cannot be combined.

Where is the retreat located ?

This off the grid Muay Thai Training Retreat is held at the gorgeous Encanta La Vida jungle resort,

in Matapalo, Osa Peninsula.

We are a 1.5 hour plane ride from SJO (San Jose Intern. Airport) and a 45 minute jeep ride from Puerto Jimenez.

You can find more information on Encanta La Vida here:

How long is this retreat?

This retreat is 7 days and 6 nights. We begin our retreat on Saturday, July 16, 2022 and leave the following Friday, July 22, 2022. We recommend flying into SJO on Saturday morning, where you will board your Domestic Flight later that day.


For an example of a daily itinerary, please see below. 

What can I expect?

Unless otherwise booking a private accommodation, expect to share your living space with other students and wildlife and enjoy doing Muay Thai everyday in this paradise! We will be Living Muay Thai for one week straight in the Puda Vida lifestyle. 

Expect to see exotic animals such as exotic birds and various species of monkey who frequent the treetops and gardens.

Do I have to be experienced in Muay Thai to go on this retreat?

Absolutely not. We welcome and encourage new practitioners as well as seasoned Nak Muay to join us! This retreat is ideal for a beginning student, as well as an experienced practitioner of any martial arts. A well rounded curriculum that focuses on technique, conditioning, partner drills, and technical sparring will meet all experience level needs and goals. 

Who is the ideal traveler?

  • Nak Muays

  • Any adventurer & lover of life

  • A Student of the Martial Arts

  • Fitness Enthusiasts

  • Lovers of nature and wildlife

  • Someone not afraid of insects and other creepy crawlers

  • Anyone who can appreciate an Ocean Breeze vs Air Conditioning

  • MUST be Open to sharing space and time with others

  • Someone who is looking for a group experience (expect to be participating in group activities)!

Are there payment plans?

Yes! We want to make this trip as accessible as possible, so as long as your deposit is paid, we will work with you in creating a payment plan for the remaining amount

All accommodations must be paid in full 60 days prior to our departure. 

What's included?

  • 6 nights/7 days All Inclusive (accommodation, food, training, etc) at Encanta La Vida 

  • 3 delicious locally sourced meals per day

  • Group Muay Thai Training 2x a day (morning and afternoon session) 

  • Morning Muay Boran & Meditation, Yoga warm ups /cool down

  • Closed Private location

  • Wifi on location (weather permitting) 

  • Additional day trip to Puerto Jimenez on free day 

  • Ground transportation to Encanta La Vida once you are in Puerto Jimenez

  • Full access to the pool and pool bar overlooking the pacific ocean

  • Small hike away from 4 beautiful beaches - Cabo Matapalo, Pan Dulce, Backwash Bay and Playa Matapalo de Osa.

  • Gorgeous breathtaking scenery

  • Group trips and activities (such as a hike to the near by waterfall, King Louie, beach bonfire, etc.)

What's NOT included?

-The flight to San Jose, Costa Rica

-The domestic flight to Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

-Travel Insurance

-Alcoholic Beverages

-Personal snacks, additional food/drink outside of the daily meals

-Additional excursions such as surfing lessons, massages, zip lining, etc.

-Gratuity for service staff if utilizing

Are my flights included?

There are no flights included in your ticket price. We are more than happy to assist you in finding your international or  domestic flights, please just reach out upon booking. 

International Flight into : San Jose, Costa Rica

Domestic flight from San Jose, Costa Rica into: Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica

If I'm traveling with others, do I get a discount?

If you are sharing a bed, we offer a "Two Traveler Discount" where both tickets will be discounted.


If you have a group of 4+, please reach out about a group discount.

Please advise: If you select a shared bed or room (double or triple occupancy, it is the responsibility of both (or all three, in the case of a triple) individuals to remit payments in full on or before the respective due dates. In the case one (or two) parties do not submit payments on the respective due dates, it is up to the remaining individual(s) to choose a single or double occupancy space, if available, or the event organizers will place them in another available accommodation.

Do I have to spar?

No. Although there may be sparring drills, sparring is 100% voluntary. All drills are supervised and designed to maintain a safe and positive learning environment for everyone.  We will never force you to spar with anyone, however please be aware that this training is primarily consisting of partner drills, so you will be working with others most of the time. Anyone wanting to spar MUST have 14+oz gloves and a mouth guard. Safety first. 

Is the water safe to drink?

Absolutely! This is some of the cleanest water (and air) on the planet! There is a gravity fed Artesian Well that is sealed off and filtered with a 3-stage purification including a ultra violet lamp that would kill any bacteria.  There will also be bottled water available at the center.

What weather can I expect?

Besides being in the rainforest we don't expect many rainy days. However, the retreat center is located right on the pacific coast in a rainforest, so be prepared in the event of light rain showers as well as a coastal breeze.  Daily high temperatures are around 78°F, rarely falling below 74°F or exceeding 81°F. 

Is there hot water and electricity?

YES! There is hot water in every room and running electricity.

 We encourage you to be conservative with the lighting and shut off any lights/fans when not in use.

Is there wifi?

Yes! There is Wifi on the location, however, We encourage taking a break from electronics and enjoy the beautiful scenery and peaceful environment around you.

Do you require attendees to be vaccinated? 
We do NOT require attendees to be vaccinated, however, you must have a a negative COVID-19 test one day before your flight departure. (Please see more about travel restrictions here:
As government travel restrictions are often changing, we will try our best to keep every attendee informed on updated regulations, however, it is every individuals responsibility to stay informed and meet the country's travel regulations. 

If the trip is cancelled because of COVID restrictions, will I receive a refund?

If you are unable to attend because of you are sick with COVID-19 you will receive a full refund minus the deposit.

Are attendees required to wear masks at the retreat? 

While we currently don't mandate masks, we leave it up to each individual attendee to decide what is best for them. Our retreat center location was chosen because we are secluded to our group and nature. 

With that said, when we have our free day in Puerto Jimenez or if you choose to do any additional activities and masks are mandated in the country, you must abide by the government's regulations.

What should I pack?

Please bring your Muay Thai training gear (hand wraps, gloves 14+oz, shin guards, mouth guard, etc.), pack for the appropriate weather (tropical jungle) and activity list (light sweaters, ponchos, workout gear, hiking shoes/boots, swimsuits, etc.) and bring personal items such as: bug spray, sunscreen. Any other necessities you feel you may need, please don't hesitate to pack.

What if I get sick or injured?

Travel insurance is NOT included but highly recommended that you seek coverage for the duration of your trip. Need travel insurance? Click here for info. 

In the event of an emergency, the closest doctor/hospital is "EBAIS Puerto Jiménez", a 45 minute drive from the retreat location in Puerto Jimenez. We will make sure you get quality attention as soon as possible. 

What are the meals like?

You can expect 3 delicious locally sourced chef made meals a day; where most dishes consist of local fruits (papaya, mango, banana, strawberries, etc), vegetables, local dishes such as gallopinto, picadillo, fresh meat and fish. 
If you have any dietary restrictions (vegetarian or vegan), we can accommodate you as well, just indicate during the booking process. 

Additional snacks, alcoholic drinks, etc. are not included and can be bought in town at your own expense.

What is the Refund and Cancellation policy?

All deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Please see our refund and cancellation policy page here

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