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Black Lotus

Sport Karate & Taekwondo Club


  • Ages 7-12  (For ages 4 - 6 please click here)

  • Through better control of the body, better control of breathing, and better control of the mind, your child's coping skills will increase exponentially. We focus on positive behaviors to handle life's stresses and anxieties.

  •  Classes are designed to channel your child’s interest and enthusiasm for the physical aspects of the Martial Arts into other important elements of personal development.

  • We develop children’s competence and ability to handle difficult situations by helping them focus on their individual strengths. 

  • At this age we focus on positive response to peer pressure, conflict avoidance, self-control, self-discipline, and a genuine respect for others.

  • The students will see coordination, flexibility, balance and the ability to defend themselves increase each week. Through consistent and attainable goals, the kids develop a positive “can-do” attitude. 

  • We will channel your child’s boundless energy and enthusiasm into positive physical and mental changes.

  • Last and most importantly, we have FUN. There are numerous benefits to placing your child in our program, however the relationships they build and the fun they have in classes will be what keeps them wanting more. 

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