​We teach principles and techniques to learn to react appropriately to many types of Close Quarter Combat (CQC) situations: home invasions, dynamic entries, active shooter scenarios, car jackings, and 3rd party protection. These methods are suitable for individuals or families (couples) with funneling techniques that span the capabilities of the entry-level law enforcement officer, infantryman or up to elite-level SWAT and Special Forces Operators. 


Developed by incorporating elements and techniques of Muay Thai, HaganaH (the evolution of Israeli Martial Arts aka Krav Maga, Lotar, Kapap) US Marine Corps Martial Arts Program and Brazilian JiuJitsu​.

Who can benefit from Self Defense Training?

  • Mom/Dad Teams

  • Single Moms

  • Real Estate Sales People

  • Teachers & College Students 

  • Law Enforcement/First Responder Professionals

  • Any Head of Household!

SWAT & SOF Unit training sessions are led directly by Founder Mike Lee Kanarek.

HaganaH Knife Fighting, "The specialty of the House" 


Our  training is tailored to your abilities and requirements through the same building block progression that Tier 1 Operators use. The intense quality of the instruction and training speaks for itself.


We offer proven courses or highly customized courses depending upon your proficiency and operational needs.


HaganaH CQC Knife Fighting system ADVANTAGES:


  • Trains the individual or a small number of operators / does not require large teams

  • The systems methodology provides an offensive / defense advantage at the same time

  • It’s reality based – tactics and skills are combat proven tested and updated continually

  • It’s flexible and useful at various ranges (long – med –deep in the pocket)

  • It deals with emerging threats such as mobs/large crowds and home(office,car) invaders

**These HaganaH Knife Fighting methods are currently in use in numerous local and state departments, federal teams, state level basic training academies, tactical training organizations, and military specialized units (USMC Recon, USCG etc).


Equipment Required: MMA Gloves, Approved Training Knives, Mouth Guard


Classes Led By :

  • Certified 1st Gen MLK HaganaH Blade Artist Black Belt instructor

  • Former US Marine, Infantryman 0352

  • Trained directly by HaganaH system founder Mike Lee Kanarek for over 15 years 

  • Muay Thai Coach (Shin2Bone, TBA {Ajarn Chai}, Beautiful Violence Fighting Systems)

For Further Reading - HaganaH CQC Blade Warrior System

"The HaganaH teaching approach is designed to mirror military style teaching while recognizing the time demands and typical fitness levels of the working adult...." 


Please read carefully.  Proper credentials required for LEO only courses or pre approval for your sponsoring agency. (Civilians)

Introduction to HaganaH Blade Warrior

 2-4 days

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Proper Equipment required (see above)

-Open to the public. Discount for LEO. Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.


Blade Warrior Rotation 1 : 4-6 weeks / 36 hours - NOW BOOKING

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Proper Equipment required (see above)

Pre Requisites: Must have completed Intro to Blade Warrior

-Open to the public. Discount for LEO. Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.

Current Dates:

Immersive 5 week course 

January 22, 2021 - February 20, 2021

Fridays 6:30-9:00pm & Saturdays 12:30pm - 4:30pm 

Must attend minimum 85% of classes to complete course

Price includes: Training Knife, 5 Week Immersive Program & T-Shirt and Certificate upon completion


HaganaH Blade Warrior Course 6-9 weeks / 50+ hours: Rotation 2

ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Proper Equipment required (see above)

Pre Requisites:  Must have completed Intro to  Blade Warrior & Blade Warrior Rotation 2

-Open to the public. Discount for LEO. Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.


Trench Warfare : Details Undisclose


*NOT Open to the public. Current law enforcement or military credentials are required.


*Coming Soon! Orev 5132 Deadliest Warrior Ghost Warrior Knife Artist Club

*Must Own an, Orev 5132

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