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Dear Students,

We hope you are all well and staying healthy & safe.

The health and wellness of our students and coaches is always our top priority.
We thank you for your patience, support, and cooperation during these trying times. We are so excited to get back to doing what we love; helping you be strong, fit, healthy, and confident.

Below you will find all of the new policies regarding changes to training and services, 

as well as what we are doing to keep compliant with state guidelines.

For your health and safety:

*Hand Sanitizer is available for all students to use


Please use hand sanitizer in the following instances:
-After using the restroom (if you choose not to wash your hands for 20 seconds).
-After getting water from the water cooler
-Before and after training with any other or equipment

*We do not make masks mandatory at the gym, however, students are permitted to wear one during 
training if they feel more comfortable doing so. 

*ALL classes MUST be booked online before class
*Students MUST arrive on time for the class check-in. (5 mins before class begins)

*There will be NO WALK-INS (no-exceptions)!

*Visitors, guests, friends, prospects, off the clock employees, and members without reservations

to the session will not be allowed in the gym during training time.

*We ask that all prospective students contact us online to book a trial session.

*ALL member or prospect inquires to the gym should be made via email by filling out our contact form.

*Mandatory for Muay Thai & Kickboxing Classes
-Please bring your own wraps and gloves!
-There will be no gloves or wraps available to loan
-Gear is available to purchase


*Ladies Kickboxing and Muay Thai classes are partner based classes


*We are now offering LIVE Muay Thai Classes! 

That’s right! Coach Jose hosts classes through twice per week.

LMT is a collective of some of the top 13 Muay Thai instructors in the country offering live virtual classes

6 days a week, plus a ever growing library of lessons and drills. 

Our virtual academy is for those that have either moved, will be moving, not comfortable yet, or are/around an immunocompromised person. Contact us for details.

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