Class Time : 45 Minutes                  Ages: 6-12 years old                     Class Type:  Kids Classes

Gear Required:

Level 1 Classes - Hand Wraps & Boxing Gloves      

Level 2 Classes - Hand Wraps, Boxing Gloves, Shin Guards & Mouth Piece

  • A hybrid curriculum of Kickboxing, Muay Thai & Self Defense

  • Promotes Courtesy, Respect, Discipline, Self Control and lots & lots of Hard work. 

  • ​A healthy , FUN, Safe & Constructive Activity for your child. 

  • Students are promoted from Beginner Level 1 to Muay Thai Level 2 classes based on technical development, proficiency & overall improvement.  

  • Incorporates our ProAct Bully Defense Program. ProAct is based on a simple formula; Strong minds are confident and secure. Fit Bodies are healthy and strong.

  • The sharp mind will help the student make wise decisions while the body will give them the tools to defend themselves.  Through character development we Empower children.

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